30-Day Money Back – All items except electrical


Diesel Engines – up to 6 Months

Petrol Engines – up to 3 Months

General Used Parts – 3 Months

Electrical – No warranty due to burn-out risk if installed into a faulty circuit.

All warranties are subject the the following terms and conditions:

Full Terms & Conditions

Major mechanical items are covered under Southside 4×4 Wreckers Limited Warranty.

The liability for the product under this warranty is to ‘repair’ or ‘replace’ or ‘refund’ limited to the original invoiced purchase amount only at the sole discretion of Southside 4×4 Wreckers. We will not reimburse and incurred labour costs.

Southside 4×4 Wreckers shall not be liable for any demurrage, consequential loss, loss of profits, or any other damages or expense arising from a defective item. Defective major mechanical items such as Engines Gearboxes and Differentials are covered subject to the following conditions;

•  All Engines, Gearboxes and Differentials must be installed by a qualified and Licensed Mechanic.

•  All Engines Gearboxes and Differentials must be installed in the correct application for which it was specifically designed and originally manufactured.

•  All Engines Gearboxes and Differentials must be operated in the correct manner after installation. Misuse, overloading, operator abuse and negligence, competition work and accident damage will VOID this warranty. Ongoing regular servicing must be carried out by qualified Licensed Mechanic every 5000 klms to validate warranty.

•  All Engines Gearboxes and Differentials must have the attached warranty registration form completed by a qualified Licensed Mechanic, signed by the customer and returned Southside 4×4 Wreckers with 14 days of fitment, in order to validate this warranty. (See attached form) Proof of regular serving is required to be sent to Southside 4×4 Wrecking should any claim be made.

•  In the event of preliminary signs of Malfunction, it is the customers responsibility to cease operation and report any problems to Southside 4×4 Wreckers, Phone 07 32741222. Failure to comply with this condition may result in more serious consequential damage and VOID Warranty.

•  In the event of Engine, Gearbox or Differential failure, this warranty will be immediately VOID if unauthorised repairs are carried out.

•  Written consent must be given by Southside 4×4 Wrecking Management and a detail quotation by a qualified and licensed repairer is submitted and approved, before any work is carried out.

•  In the case of Engine Warranty, all radiators must be cleaned and tested prior to the fitment of replacement Engine. All other cooling system components must also be professional checked and repaired or replaced if necessary.

•  All Engine Gearbox and Differential exchanges must be returned to valid this warranty.

•  This Warranty is only valid to the original purchaser and non-transferable.

•  Engine warranty does not extend to Accessories, such as alternators, air compressors, carburettors, injection pumps, water, oil and fuel pumps, turbo’s, starter motors, belts, thermostats and housings, oil and temp switches, distributors, pulleys, harmonic balancers and flywheels.

•  Southside 4×4 Wrecking Engines Gearboxes and Differentials are usually sold without labour and fitment. Labour and fitting costs are not covered under this warranty.

•  All engine warranty is VOID if engine has overheated (all engines are supplied with a heat tab fitted, which must not be removed or tampered with). Where heat tab has been melted or removed this warranty is immediately VOID.

•  Engine warranty does NOT cover timing belt failure and oil leaks. Warranty is VOID if second-hand engines are not fitted with new timing belts, new rear main and front seals, along with new sump, timing and tappet cover gaskets.